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Connected Support

LBBC Boilerclave

What is it?

LBBC’s latest software development allows for advanced diagnosis tools for troubleshooting and optimising your process. With Web SCADA, it enables us to be aware of any issues as soon as they arise therefore support you remotely and work with you to resolve any issues with as little disruption as possible to your core business. It also brings a range of features and tools to support you in minimising downtime, monitoring equipment condition, implementing process and quality improvements.

Key Benefits

  • 24 hour Connected Support service for your equipment
  • Quickly respond to any alerts and support you remotely
  • Reduces your downtime causing less disruption to your business
  • Free trial during warranty period

Going Beyond SCADA

Hear what you hear, when you hear it:
Taking real-time alerts beyond the foundry fence
See what you see:
Full access to dashboards and data insights live, and for the lifetime of the machine
Advanced Data Processing:
Full access to dashboards and data insights live, and for the lifetime of the machine
Data Driven Condition Monitoring:
Spotting gradual/imperceptible changes and alerting the right people

What does it include?

To take advantage of our Connected Support package, simply choose Basic or Plus to suit your needs.

There is no need to have service visits to qualify for a Connected Support plan.

The only technical requirement is the installation & connection of an industrial gateway featuring state-of-the-art encryption and data security capabilities.   Web SCADA can also be fitted to existing equipment, depending on age and/or model.

See below for more information:





Web-SCADA dashboard. Enables troubleshooting & monitoring by both LBBC and customer


Remote troubleshooting to PLC and HMI. Software updates as appropriate.


1 LBBC engineer for 1 day for connected support training.


Lifetime cloud storage of process data (troubleshooting & process optimisation)


Web-SCADA App with Push notifications.

Email alerts to selected staff


Web-SCADA Historical Cycle Reports.  Reports PDF export


Alerts via SMS to selected staff


Condition Monitoring including Power Monitoring


Individual customization of Dashboards, Charts, Reports etc


Priority LBBC response to alarms and errors. Data monitoring

Q2 2023

Annual Report issued for each piece of equipment

Q4 2023

Ticketing support

Q2 2023

How much will it cost?

The Basic package comes fitted as standard on all new equipment and is available free for a portion of the warranty period. Once the agreed trial period expires, we offer Connected Support as part of a paid ongoing support package.

Please contact a member of our service team to find out more on +44 (0) 113 256 2155 or email [email protected].

Contact us today to discuss your Maintenance requirements on +44 (0) 113 256 2155 or email [email protected]