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Investment Casting

Over the decades, LBBC Technologies has developed an unrivalled breadth of knowledge and experience of working with a diverse range of pressures, temperatures and internal media across a range of industries including investment casting, aerospace, composites, food and drink, defence, nuclear, process and chemical industries. This benefits you through enabling your processing needs to be quickly and effectively interpreted and fulfilled through advanced system design; incorporating material, design code and control system requirements. LBBC Technologies’ sophisticated information and control systems offer you enhanced reporting capabilities; enabling you to maximise efficiencies, improve accuracies and rapidly identify faults in operation. Its team of experienced engineers are highly skilled in interpreting your requirements and designing a comprehensive control system which is easy to manage and operate.

Through its commitment to enhancing process safety standards, LBBC Technologies has pioneered many of the regulatory safety features inherent in today’s autoclave systems. Its experience of working to many of the world’s leading design codes enables LBBC Technologies to work with you to ensure equipment is supplied to the highest safety standards and compliant with local inspection agency requirements.

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