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Over the past decades, LBBC Technologies has continually strived to push the boundaries of pressure vessel and autoclave design; through precision engineering, advanced technologies and electronic intelligence.

The invention of the revolutionary Quicklock® Door in the early thirties set the standard for safe, efficient and optimised processes across the globe. Today LBBC Technologies’ dedication to advancing process technology and the evolution of the Quicklock® Door offers you a range of proven market leading solutions for the Boilerclave®Leaching Autoclave and others.

In 2014 LBBC Technologies moved into a new purpose built facility which will enable the company to pursue the vision for continuous investment in R&D into the future. LBBC provide extended warranties and ongoing technical support including service, maintenance, training and spares to help optimise use of the equipment.

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Registered in England and Wales -  Company Number: 37545 - VAT No GB 179 8662 94 - LBBC Technologies is a business name of Leeds and Bradford Boiler Co Ltd - Registered office address: LBBC Limited, Beechwood Street, Leeds, LS28 6PT