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2019 Jan – LBBC Technologies develops work experience programme

2019 Jan – LBBC Technologies develops work experience programme

Written on 29th January 2019

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Year 11 student, James McKnight, worked with the company to develop a unique placement experience that will see year 10 students develop an autoclave component through from design, manufacture to assembly. This hands-on approach will give them a real understanding of LBBC Technologies type of work and the wider engineering industry.

Howard Pickard, Managing Director, LBBC Technologies said “By designing this unique programme which creates a standard schedule for the work experience students we have improved the experience the young people get from it by giving them hands-on tasks from each department of the organisation and at the same time simplified the supervision of the programme.  Having students on work experience has traditionally been a very time consuming and disruptive thing for ours and many other businesses, by designing the experience as you would a training course, each student gets a standard, easier to manage experience.”

The work experience programme will give students the opportunity to take a product through a full design to test process with tasks in each of the key areas including design, assemble, test, program and final test. The students will use 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and programmable logic controllers (PLC) software which enables the equipment to perform certain tasks and ensure safety measures are in place to prevent a machine from performing the next task unless certain conditions are met.

Throughout the summer LBBC Technologies hosted 10-year 10/11 students from Pudsey Grangefield School and other local schools.

“Both organisations are forward thinking, and our students have benefitted significantly from the high-quality work experience they have undertaken at LBBC. The placement has inspired many of them to pursue a career in engineering and the feedback from all students has been extremely positive. These placements are a great example of a scheme which benefits everyone involved.” said Mark McKelvie, Principal, Pudsey Grangefield School.

LBBC Technologies are already planning placements for Spring and Summer 2019.