Feb 2015 – LBBC Technologies further expand process technology knowledge with KTP

Feb 2015 – LBBC Technologies further expand process technology knowledge with KTP

Written on 27th January 2015

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LBBC Technologies’ Managing Director Howard Pickard, recently presented at a Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and Leeds Manufacturing Forum event on how his company had been working with the University on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), said


“Being a local SME, it is important that we explore the opportunities the University of Leeds can offer us, using its expertise and facilities to further our product innovations.


“We identified the KTP initiative – run by Innovate UK – as the most effective form of collaboration and are nearing the end of a highly successful two and a half-year programme.


“The associate has brought a lot of expertise to our business, expertise we couldn’t have afforded to bring in ourselves and this has resulted in the development of new coating technology that will ensure our products remain globally competitive.”


During the recent Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and Leeds Manufacturing Forum-backed visit to the University of Leeds’ new £4.3m EPSRC National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems a rallying call was made.  Yorkshire manufacturers were urged to embrace robotics and autonomous systems if they are going to make the most of new global opportunities and bring innovations to market.


More than 40 local manufacturers were given access all areas in a bid to showcase the opportunities for collaboration with Universities and how new technology – including one of the world’s largest multi-material 3D printers – can be used to develop new products, introduce new processes or build larger components.


For further information, please visit www.mymas.org, www.robotics.leeds.ac.uk or www.leedsmanufacturingforum.co.uk

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