Recognising the unique properties of steam, the Boilerclave® provides consistently rapid pressurisation for effective mold dewaxing. With the combination of the unique properties of the Quicklock® Door system, the Boilerclave® is the preferred choice for the modern foundry.

With 10 bar steam pressure producing 180oC and all sized units pressurising in less than 3 seconds to the benchmark pressure of 6 bar, the user is able to eliminate cracked shells and achieve the highest dewaxing yield at the lowest operating cost.

The combination of unparalleled experience, knowledge and vision led LBBC Technologies to develop the revolutionary Boilerclave®. Its superior proven design and technological advances instantly set the global standard for more efficient, precise and reliable dewaxing.

Key Benefits

  • Highest levels of safety
  • Reliable, consistent and risk-free dewaxing resulting from self steam generation
  • Fast achievement of steam pressure using world renowned Quicklock® door
  • Eliminate shell cracking through rapid steam transfer
  • Enhance process control with advanced process data analysis and network integration
  • Improve ergonomics and minimise footprint
  • Simple to install and low operating costs
  • Ongoing technical support by industry leaders throughout the product life

Key Features

  • Quicklock® Door – patented design, fast, safe and reliable
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Working temperature 180oC, 356oF
  • Optimum boiler pressure 10 bar for maximum efficiency
  • Electric heating – economical, efficient, easy to maintain
  • Instant thermal transfer – no cracked shells
  • Simple to install – connect services and start dewaxing
  • Push button controls – convenient, consistent and safe
  • Programmable cycle – optimum results
  • Integrated handling system – safe movement of shells around dewaxing area
  • Wax collection system – safe containment of molten wax
  • Fully insulated – effectively reduces power usage
  • Easy fit door seal design

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