2019 Jan – LBBC Technologies develops work experience programme

Year 11 student, James McKnight, worked with the company to develop a unique placement experience that will see year 10 students develop an autoclave component through from design, manufacture to assembly. This hands-on approach will give them a real understanding of LBBC Technologies type of work and the wider engineering industry.

Howard Pickard, Managing Director, LBBC Technologies said “By designing this unique programme which creates a standard schedule for the work experience students we have improved the experience the young people get from it by giving them hands-on tasks from each department of the organisation and at the same time simplified the supervision of the programme.  Having students on work experience has traditionally been a very time consuming and disruptive thing for ours and many other businesses, by designing the experience as you would a training course, each student gets a standard, easier to manage experience.”

The work experience programme will give students the opportunity to take a product through a full design to test process with tasks in each of the key areas including design, assemble, test, program and final test. The students will use 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and programmable logic controllers (PLC) software which enables the equipment to perform certain tasks and ensure safety measures are in place to prevent a machine from performing the next task unless certain conditions are met.

Throughout the summer LBBC Technologies hosted 10-year 10/11 students from Pudsey Grangefield School and other local schools.

“Both organisations are forward thinking, and our students have benefitted significantly from the high-quality work experience they have undertaken at LBBC. The placement has inspired many of them to pursue a career in engineering and the feedback from all students has been extremely positive. These placements are a great example of a scheme which benefits everyone involved.” said Mark McKelvie, Principal, Pudsey Grangefield School.

LBBC Technologies are already planning placements for Spring and Summer 2019.

LBBC Technologies, in conjunction with local secondary school and sixth form, Pudsey Grangefield School, have developed a week’s work experience programme that will take students through from design to manufacture and test.


2018 Dec – LBBC Group has gained the renewal of their China Manufacturing Licence

LBBC Group has gained the renewal of their Manufacturing License of Special Equipment for the People’s Republic of China (Pressure Vessel).

LBBC Group divisions LBBC Technologies and LBBC Beechwood went through an audit to gain the renewal of the accreditation for manufacturing of pressure vessels for China and is recognised throughout the world. The renewal has now also encompassed the D2 category on top of the existing D1 category to cover higher pressure capabilities.

This approval now secures the continued supply of pressure vessels and autoclave systems from both divisions for the groups own products or for customers’ products. In particular, the new category allows LBBC Technologies to supply the newly developed high temperature core leaching systems to the investment casting market.

Pictured Kyle Pickles, Principal Mechanical Engineer – LBBC Technologies, Robert Pickard, Director – LBBC Group; David Hill, Technical/Projects Manager – LBBC Beechwood; Howard Pickard, Managing Director – LBBC Group; David Bryan, General Manager – LBBC Beechwood.



LBBC Group has gained the renewal of their Manufacturing License of Special Equipment for the People’s Republic of China (Pressure Vessel).

2018 Dec – LBBC Technologies Christmas Jumper Day 2018

We wish all our customers, suppliers and contacts a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year for 2019.

LBBC Technologies Managing Director, Howard Pickard joined the team in this years’  Christmas Jumper day on Thursday 13th December 2018.


2018 Aug – LBBC Technologies welcomes Conservative Party Chairman

Pictured is The Minister with Managing Director, Howard Pickard, and local MP, Stuart Andrew discussing the LBBC Technologies designed Quicklock® Door that is manufactured by the group in Leeds for BAE Systems to be used as a submarine hatch. This was of particular interest to Stuart Andrew MP who recently took over as the Minster for Defence Procurement.

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As part of a visit to LBBC Group the Conservative Party Chairman, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP visited LBBC Technologies learning more about the company’s success in exporting with over 70% of their business being exported to countries including USA, China, Russia and Europe (20%).


2018 July – LBBC Technologies gains Cyber Essentials accreditation

LBBC Technologies have gained Cyber Essentials accreditation. Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme that helps businesses demonstrate that they have robust IT infrastructure and processes in place to protect themselves and their customers against the continuously evolving cyber security threat that is faced these days.


Robert Pickard, Director of LBBC Technologies, said: “Cyber Essentials alongside our ISO9001:2015 and Safe Contractor accreditations demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement, with this latest accreditation particularly supporting the work we carry out for the defence sector where cyber security is a key issue”.

LBBC worked with KS Services and IT Governance for support in gaining the Cyber Essentials accrediation.

LBBC Technologies have gained Cyber Essentials accreditation. Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks including hacking, phishing and password guessing.


2017 Aug – LBBC Technologies demonstrating core leaching unit at ICI Equipment Show

LBBC’s Boilerclave® leads the industry for autoclave dewaxing applications whilst the Core Leaching Autoclave remains the benchmark in efficient, safe and accurate ceramic core removal.

As a world leading technology company specialising in the investment casting sector, LBBC Technologies based in Leeds, United Kingdom passed the audit for the more stringent ISO9001:2015 accreditation in January this year.

For more information about the event please visit the Investment Casting Institute website https://www.investmentcasting.org/ 

LBBC Technologies are exhibiting at ICI Conference and Equipment Show on Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th October 2017, in Covington, Kentucky, USA they will be in Booth 113 where they will be demonstrating their core leaching unit.


2017 Feb – LBBC Technologies developing bespoke work experience programme

James McKnight, is working with the company to develop a bespoke placement experience that will see year 10 students develop an autoclave component through from design, manufacture to assembly. This hands-on approach will give them a real understanding of LBBC Technologies type of work and the wider engineering industry.

Robert Pickard, Director said “We are pleased to be working with Pudsey Grangefield School to develop and inspire the next generation of engineers.”

LBBC Technologies are working with a year 11 student, James McKnight from Pudsey Grangefield School to develop a bespoke work placement program at the company.


2017 Feb – LBBC Technologies supports Pudsey Grangefield School careers fair


Adam Lister, Design Engineer and Danny Hazel, Systems Engineer

LBBC Technologies has been established on the same site in Pudsey since 1876, the company is involved in developing new engineering technology for the process industries and so needs to secure the future skills by encouraging young people into engineering careers.

Youmna Khan, Post 16 Learning and Progression Support Manager, Pudsey Grangefield School said “We are delighted to be working in partnership with LBBC Technologies to give our students a greater insight into the world of work and the career opportunities available to them.”

Pudsey Grangefield School is a heavily oversubscribed mixed comprehensive secondary school located in the heart of Pudsey.

The school has over 1200 students with a thriving Sixth Form of 220 students, all taught in a state of the art building.  The innovative and unique design of the building creates a calm atmosphere, very different to that of many secondary schools.


LBBC Technologies in Pudsey, Leeds exhibited at a careers fair at Pudsey Grangefield School on Tuesday 17th January.

Director, Robert Pickard, Danny Hazel, Systems Engineer and Adam Lister, Design Engineer talked to students from year 10 through to year 13 about careers in engineering, routes of study and the varied job roles and opportunities.<[...]

2017 Jan – LBBC Technologies pass ISO9001:2015 audit

At the same time LBBC Technologies have updated their accreditation from the ISO9001:2008 standard to the more rigorous ISO9001:2015.  The new standard has been designed to respond to the latest trends and be compatible with other ISO management systems.

LBBC Technologies have passed their ISO9001 audit by BSI, a third party UKAS accredited certification body, with no non conformities.


2017 Jan – LBBC Technologies honored at BAE Systems supplier awards


Emphasising the importance of this year’s theme in her hard-hitting opening speech, Jeannette Medati said: “If we get this wrong, the result is not only the failure of the end product and damage to our reputations, but damage to the defence of the realm.”

The opening day of the forum culminated in the Supplier Achievement Awards, which recognise and celebrate good performance in BAE Systems’ suppliers.

The awards ceremony was opened with a speech from Submarines soon-to-be Managing Director, Will Blamey, who was clear in his message to suppliers. He said: “Maintaining progress across Astute and Dreadnought, spending money wisely and at the same time assuring quality and safety in everything we do, is paramount.”

LBBC Technologies, who won the Customer Focus Award – currently manufacturing hatches and watertight doors for our submarines, they pulled out all the stops to meet a major milestone before Christmas.

Project Manager Bill Morris, who collected the award on behalf of LBBC Technologies, said it was “like a fairy tale” for them to get this recognition. He added: “This is a total surprise and I cannot thank everyone at BAE Systems enough.

“We are a small company, but all of our team realise the importance of the work we’re doing for you, and we’ve worked night shifts and many weekends this year to get the job done. We have a real passion to help our customers and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

More than 90 of BAE Systems’ key suppliers were invited to the two-day Submarines All Supplier Forum, which started on 25th January in Leyland.

The forum, entitled ‘Protecting Our Future’, gave suppliers the opportunity to hear first-hand about the importance of product safety from BAE Systems’ Supply Chain Director Jeannette Medati, Engine[...]